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Hi! I'm Elie Tattevin-Drevet.
A passionate developer, excellent problem solver and super-fast learner. Strong team player.

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Here some of my most significant projects...


Project lead

A complex tool to translate code in Go to V. It's an official project from the V-lang organization.

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Duo project

A Unix shell supporting a subset of Bash features with high fidelity.

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C++ Modules

Solo project

A series of 35 C++ exercises, from the simplest to the most complex and challenging ones.

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Solo project

A “meta-search engine” based on Google results providing huge privacy and a beautiful UI/UX.

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Duo project

A 3D game rendered using raycasting, similar to the Wolfenstein 3D game using a very low-level graphics library.

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Solo project

A 3D wire-frame renderer written in C using a very low-level graphics library.

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Personal Website

Solo project

My personal website/portfolio, built by hand using modern technologies.

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A simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software.

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